What Time Does Jack’s Stop Serving Breakfast?

Are you wondering what time does Jack’s stop serving breakfast? Look no further – we’ve got the scoop on when their doors close and all of your favorite items that are still available. Whether you’re a fan of savory morning meals or crave something sweet first thing, Jack’s has it all! From classic omelets to stackers and pancakes, you won’t leave feeling unsatisfied with their extensive selection. It’s easy to find something for every taste bud at Jack’s! Keep reading to learn more about what time they stop serving up delicious breakfasts.

What Time Does Jack’s Serve Breakfast?

In a general context, Jack’s initiates breakfast service early, commencing at 5:00 in the morning.

This opening time, 5:00 am, signifies the commencement of the restaurant’s operations, allowing customers to place breakfast orders as soon as the doors unlock. You are welcome to order breakfast items starting from this time on Mondays through Saturdays at nearly all their locations.

Nevertheless, if you have a hankering for Jack’s breakfast on a Sunday, the schedule varies slightly. On Sundays, Jack’s breakfast service kicks off an hour later than their standard timing, beginning at 6:00 am.

What Time Does Jack’s Serve Breakfast?
What Time Does Jack’s Serve Breakfast?

What Time Does Jack’s Stop Serving Breakfast?

It’s important to highlight that the cutoff time for ordering Jack’s breakfast is precisely 10:59 am on any given day.

In other words, once the clock strikes 11:00 am, breakfast items will no longer be available for ordering.

This deadline is consistent across all days, including Sundays, despite the delayed start of breakfast service on that day.

However, it’s worth noting that there might be specific locations where breakfast service concludes a bit earlier. For instance, if you opt to order Jack’s breakfast through Door Dash, in a few locations in Alabama and Mississippi, the cutoff time for ordering breakfast items is set at 10:30 am. It’s advisable to be aware of any location-specific variations, especially when using third-party delivery services.

What’s In The Jack’s Breakfast Menu?

Jack’s breakfast menu is a robust offering featuring a variety of biscuits, wraps, and sandwiches, catering to diverse tastes.

The breakfast biscuit options at Jack’s span a range of flavors, including biscuits with ham, chicken, bacon, sausage, and steak. Additionally, they offer bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits, along with smoked sausage biscuits.

For those with a penchant for traditional breakfast fare, Jack’s presents a selection of pancakes, crispy hash browns, and a substantial big breakfast sandwich with eggs and cheese.

A perennial favorite on the menu is Jack’s breakfast deluxe, an indulgent combination featuring scrambled eggs, hash browns, grits, biscuits, and a choice of meat.

Going a step further, Jack’s provides two exclusive breakfast combos available for online orders. The Bologna biscuit breakfast for four and the Dozen Biscuits and Simply Orange combo each come paired with four servings of Simply Orange juice, adding a delightful touch to your morning meal.

What’s In The Jack’s Breakfast Menu?
What’s In The Jack’s Breakfast Menu?

Does Jack’s Serve Breakfast All Day?

Indeed, enjoying Jack’s breakfast is a time-sensitive affair. The window for ordering breakfast spans from 5:00 am to 11:00 am at all Jack’s locations.

Once the clock strikes 11:00 am, the breakfast offerings are no longer available, prompting a transition to the lunch menu. It’s important to be mindful of this time restriction if you have a hankering for Jack’s breakfast, as they pivot to their lunch options promptly after 11:00 am.

Can You Order Jack’s Breakfast After 11 Am?

Absolutely, the policy is clear: Jack’s breakfast service concludes promptly at 11:00 am across all their locations. Beyond this time, breakfast items are no longer available on the menu, as the transition to lunch service takes place. So, if you have a craving for Jack’s breakfast, it’s essential to plan accordingly and place your order before the 11:00 am deadline.


Does Jack in the Box serve breakfast all day?

Yes, Jack in the Box serves breakfast all day.

When Can You Visit Jack’s Breakfast?

Jack’s breakfast is available for all early birds from 5:00 am to 11:00 am, Monday through Saturday. However, on Sundays, you’ll need to wait until 6:00 am to savor Jack’s breakfast, which is served until 11:00 am.

When Does Jack’s Breakfast Close?

Jack’s breakfast service ends promptly at 11:00, across all locations. This implies that breakfast is not available on the menu after 11:00 am, as they transition to serving lunch at that time.

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  1. This breakdown of Jack’s breakfast hours is incredibly helpful! I had no idea about the Sunday start time difference, so this is good to know. It’s always frustrating when you’re craving breakfast, and it’s just a bit too late. Thanks for providing such clear and concise information!

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad you found the information helpful. It’s true; those slight variations in start times can catch you off guard. If you ever have more questions about dining hours or anything else, feel free to ask. Enjoy your breakfast at Jack’s!

  2. I appreciate the detailed information about Jack’s breakfast menu. The variety in biscuits and the exclusive online order combos sound intriguing. I’ll have to plan my visit early to try some of those unique offerings. Thanks for the heads up about the Sunday schedule too!

    • You’re welcome! Jack’s does offer a diverse breakfast menu, and those exclusive combos do sound tempting. Planning your visit early is definitely a good idea to make the most of their breakfast offerings. If you have any more questions or need recommendations, feel free to reach out!

  3. This is great to know! I usually find myself craving breakfast items at odd hours, so it’s good to have clarity on Jack’s breakfast hours. The breakdown of their menu is making me hungry already. I’ll make sure to get there before 11 am to satisfy my breakfast cravings. Thanks for sharing!

    • Absolutely! It’s always good to plan ahead, especially when those breakfast cravings hit. I’m glad the menu breakdown has you intrigued. If you ever need more information or have other food-related inquiries, don’t hesitate to ask. Enjoy your breakfast at Jack’s!


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