Handmade Pizza Secrets: Art & Practice Revealed




Discover the secrets to crafting irresistible pizzas at home with ‘Mastering Pizza’. This innovative cookbook adapts to your kitchen, offering a range of dough recipes suitable for different ovens and tools.

Pizza is a beloved staple in American cuisine, yet many hesitate to try making it at home. Marc Vetri, an acclaimed chef, brings his meticulous approach to this culinary favorite, ensuring that perfect pizza is within reach for everyone. Drawing from extensive research and refinement in both Italy and America, Vetri’s recipes cater to various hydration levels, enabling home cooks to replicate professional pizza oven results in a standard kitchen oven.

‘Mastering Pizza’ doesn’t just stick to the classics like Margherita and Carbonara; it ventures into novel territories with toppings like mussels, truffles, and even a decadent Nutella dessert pizza. The book is a visual feast too, with inspiring Italian images and detailed step-by-step photos to guide you. Get ready to enjoy pizza that rivals the best of Italy right from your own kitchen


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