Discover Pizza’s Secrets: 300 Recipes You’ll Love




Embark on a journey from the rustic focaccias to the sumptuous deep-dish of Chicago with ‘Pizza: The Ultimate Cookbook’. This book will not only tantalize your taste buds but also spark your culinary imagination.

Did you know that the artisans crafting your favorite pizzas are called pizzaiolos? The rich history of pizza stretches back to Southern Italy, with its earliest mention in the 10th century. Over centuries, pizzaiolos have evolved an array of flavors, turning pizza into the beloved dish it is today.

This comprehensive guide celebrates pizzas and flatbreads from around the world, offering:

  • Over 300 mouthwatering recipes to suit every taste.
  • An extensive 800-page volume, making it an ideal present for pizza enthusiasts.
  • Exclusive insights and interviews with renowned pizza chefs, igniting your appetite for a slice.
  • A variety of unique recipes that will broaden your culinary horizons, including BBQ Chicken Pizza, Teriyaki Salmon Pizza, and even a Pizza with Squid Ink & Seafood.
  • Stunning, vivid photography that brings each pizza to life, inspiring you to start kneading and baking.

With ‘Pizza: The Ultimate Cookbook’ at your side, you’re sure to come back for more, discovering the joy of pizza-making at every turn


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