How To Make Creamy Oats With Simple Step? | Easy Recipe

Have you ever wanted a warm, wholesome breakfast that provides lasting energy and fulfillment throughout your day? One that brings you comfort and is also good for your body and mind? Well, look no further than creamy oats. Not only are oats highly nutritious and filling, but they are also incredibly easy and versatile to prepare. In this post, I will share my simple method for making creamy oats that tastes like indulgence but keeps you feeling fueled for hours. With just a few ingredients and minimal effort, you can enjoy a satisfying breakfast packed with fiber, protein and complex carbs to sustain you until lunchtime. So read on to discover how to make creamy oats that will have you starting your day in the best way possible.

Why You’ll Love These Creamy Oats?

Get ready to fall in love with these creamy oats. Old fashioned rolled oats are a kitchen must-have. They’re affordable, last forever, and can be used in countless ways. With a package of rolled oats, you can whip up mouthwatering vegan oatmeal cookies, bake a loaf of maple oat sourdough bread, create fluffy banana oatmeal chocolate chip muffins, or simply enjoy a comforting bowl of creamy oatmeal whenever you’re in the mood. Here’s why you’ll adore this recipe: it’s super easy to make, taking only about 15 minutes using basic ingredients you already have in the pantry. And the best part?

Why You’ll Love These Creamy Oats?
Why You’ll Love These Creamy Oats?

You can customize your oatmeal to your heart’s content, from choosing your level of sweetness to piling on all your favorite toppings. Plus, the oatmeal is naturally sweetened with a touch of maple syrup. And let’s not forget that oats are packed with fiber, keeping you satisfied and energized all morning long. Get ready to indulge in a bowl of pure oat-filled bliss.

Ingredients To Make Creamy Oats

For The Oats

– ¾ cup of old fashioned oats (gluten-free if needed)

– 1½ cups of water

– 1½ cups of your milk of choice

– ¼ teaspoon of salt

For The Strawberries

– Macerated fruit

– Chopped nuts

– Spices, like cinnamon and sumac

Ingredients Notes

The Perfect Oats: Blend rolled oats and quick oats for a dreamy texture. Or stick with just quick oats for an equally creamy result.

Say Goodbye to Plain Water: Ditch flavorless oatmeal by cooking your oats in a mix of water and milk. It adds richness without being overpowering. If you’re using less creamy store-bought milk, go all-in with milk instead.

Creaminess boost: One word – nut butter. Any type will do, but sunflower butter is a personal favorite. Add a dollop to your oatmeal and watch the magic happen.

Trust the Process: Cook your oats a little longer than usual. It may sound strange, but cooking them for at least 8 minutes ensures they’re perfectly tender and satisfying.

Oh, and don’t forget the finishing touch: Strawberries. Add sweetness with 8 oz of sliced strawberries, 2 tablespoons of brown sugar, and a sprinkle of cinnamon, sumac, and salt.

Now that you know the secrets, get ready to enjoy the creamiest oats of your life. Dig in and savor every bite.

How To Make Creamy Oats?

Want to know how to make the creamiest oatmeal ever? You might think you already know, but I’ll let you in on a few secrets.

First, bring your oats to a boil on medium-high heat for about 3 minutes. This cooks them through, but don’t worry if it still looks watery.

Next, lower the heat and let the oats simmer for another 3-4 minutes. Be sure to stir them or else they’ll burn.

But here’s the real secret: to achieve that ultimate creaminess, cook your oatmeal for at least 8 minutes. This gives the oats time to break down and release their starches, resulting in a super creamy texture. Trust me, you’ll see the oatmeal transform before your eyes as you stir it. So go ahead and make the best creamy oatmeal of your life.

Notes When Making Creamy Oatmeal

Notes When Making Creamy Oatmeal
Notes When Making Creamy Oatmeal
  1. Don’t overcook your oats – they’ll become gluey and lose their creamy texture.
  2. Use a mixture of water and milk for the perfect flavor balance.
  3. Cook your oatmeal for at least 8 minutes to achieve ultimate creaminess.
  4. Top with macerated fruit, nuts, spices and enjoy.

FAQs: oats

Do overnight oats spike blood sugar?

Can overnight oats make your blood sugar go up? While oats are carb-rich and contain a fiber called beta-glucan that helps with steady glucose release, eating them alone in the morning might cause a blood sugar spike because of the Dawn effect.

Are cold oats better than cooked?

Are cold oats actually better than cooked ones? Overnight oats are a game-changer when it comes to digestion. The soaking process breaks down starches and makes those oats super easy to digest. Plus, because they’re not cooked, all those amazing nutrients stay intact. No need to sacrifice flavor or nutrition by heating up that bowl of oatmeal.

How long should you soak oats before eating?

So, how long do you need to soak oats before chowing down? Well, if you cover and soak them for 6 hours or overnight, you’re in for some seriously improved digestibility and faster cooking time. Plus, you’ll end up with extra fluffy, creamy oats. The next day (or after 6 hours), just sprinkle in a pinch of salt and bring everything to a boil over high heat.

What happens if you don’t soak oats?

So, here’s the deal: oats gotta soak in some acid overnight to bash those pesky anti-nutrients. You see, oats don’t have much of this enzyme called phytase, and that’s the big shot that helps break down phytic acid.

3 thoughts on “How To Make Creamy Oats With Simple Step? | Easy Recipe”

  1. Have you tried overnight oats? They sit so long that they can get very creamy if that’s your endgame – I especially like the ones that sit in a bit of yogurt.

    Ignoring the directions and adding more liquid for a longer cooking time also works wonders. I tend to add a little half and half to mine which is maybe not going to suit your health goals but it certainly adds some creaminess.

  2. Boil some water on the stove. Do like … 1 to 1.5 to one (that is, 1.5 c water to 1 c oatmeal).

    Add oatmeal, turn stove to love, and stir. Do this for like 20 minutes … just stir it up every few minutes, and if it looks grossly dry, add a bit more water.

    After 20 minutes is when the fun begins. My go to is a few spoons of brown sugar, a cup of milk, and some nuts. Dark chocolate chips are amazing too. You can adjust the brown sugar and milk to your preference; if you want thicker oats, use heavy cream instead of milk. Diced fruit are amazing too.

    The sky’s the limit, really. Just get that base cook done (water plus oats plus 20 minutes), and then customize based on your preferences.

  3. I think adding some flavor could help here. One of my favorite ways to eat oatmeal is to chop up some apple + cinnamon, nutmeg, and some raisins and cook the apple in the oats. Also, you could try cooking the oats slightly longer (7-8 min. vs. the 5 on the box) and adding some dairy milk, soy milk, or almond milk. Lastly, if your oatmeal is dry, you need more liquid.


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