Does Lemon Water Break A Fast? | Fasting lemon water recipe

Fasting has gained immense popularity in recent years as an effective way to jumpstart weight loss and boost overall health. However, one of the major questions many fasting enthusiasts have does lemon water break a fast. After all, there’s no definitive answer on this topic. To help bring some clarity to the debate, we’re exploring the scientific evidence surrounding whether or not drinking lemon water while practicing intermittent fasting will cause a disruption in your routine.

Nutrition Facts Of Lemon Water

Before learning about does lemon water break a fast, you should know nutrition facts of lemon water. First, according to the United States Department for Agriculture database, the nutritional analysis for lemon water made with one 48g squeezed lemon is as follows: 10.6 calories, 18.6mg of vitamin C (21% DV), and 9.6mcg of folate (2% DV).

Exploring Intermittent Fasting And Its Benefits

The concept of intermittent fasting revolves around the notion that by restricting food intake, our bodies can effectively and efficiently utilize stored fat as an energy source. Although glucose derived from carbohydrates serves as our primary fuel, the body resorts to burning fat for energy when glucose is scarce, particularly during periods of food deprivation.

Exploring Intermittent Fasting And Its Benefits

Debunking The Myth – Does Lemon Water Break A Fast

Given its low calorie content, plain lemon water typically does not disrupt fasting. However, other lemon beverages may include added sugar, necessitating the need to examine the nutritional information on the packaging. Additionally, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the guidelines specific to your chosen fasting method.

Does Lemon Water Break A Fast?

To summarize, the consumption of lemon water during the fasting period does not disrupt the fast and may even offer digestive benefits and increased Vitamin C intake.

Does Lemon Water Break A Fast?

Why Does Lemon Water Break A Fast?

From a professional standpoint, it should be noted that the consumption of any amount of calories can terminate a fast. However, it is important to understand that human metabolism is a complex process that does not function in a simple on-and-off manner. In practical terms, the consumption of plain lemon water, which contains minimal calories, is unlikely to have a significant impact on your fasting state.

Is Lemon Water Safe To Drink While Fasting?

Besides understanding the question of does lemon water break a fast, knowing is lemon water safe to drink while fasting is also important. Consuming plain lemon water with just lemon juice is permitted while following the intermittent fasting method. This zero-calorie drink does not disrupt your fast and can aid in fat burning and hunger suppression.

What Happens if You Drink Water While Fasting?

When you consume solid foods during fasting, your body transitions back into the fed state. This state continues for a few hours as your body breaks down and digests the food (1). On the other hand, water does not impact blood sugar or insulin levels. Consequently, drinking water is safe during intermittent fasting.

How Much Lemon Water Can You Drink While Fasting?

After knowing does lemon water break a fast, how much lemon water can you drink while fasting is also a matter of concern. Plain lemon water with only lemon juice is permissible while adhering to the intermittent fasting method. This low-calorie drink does not disrupt your fast and may aid in fat burning and appetite control when consumed in moderation.

How Much Lemon Water Can You Drink While Fasting?

Other Different Drinks That Help Break A Fast That You Can Try

Drinks to Break a Fast:

Watermelon Juice: Watermelon is rich in lycopene, beneficial for skin health, cellular function, and prostate health in men.

Coconut Water: A suitable option for breaking your fast.

Green Tea


Bone Broth

FAQ: lemon water while fasting

Can I drink lemon or lime water while fasting?

Similar to apple cider vinegar, lemons and limes do contain calories. However, adding lemon or lime to your water will not disrupt your fasting. Additionally, lemons and limes can boost your metabolism and promote satiety.

Does lemon and ginger water break a fast?

Drinking water infused with lemon, ginger, and mint should not substantially disrupt your intermittent fasting. These ingredients are low in calories and unlikely to trigger a significant insulin response, which is a primary concern when breaking a fast.

How much lemon in water for fasting?

According to Merotto, lemon juice contains minimal carbohydrates compared to other fruit juices, making it a suitable option for flavoring water while fasting. Bates recommends using about a quarter of a lemon squeezed into 8 ounces of water to keep calorie and carbohydrate intake low and prevent insulin spikes.

Can you have cucumber lemon water while fasting?

Drinking water can help suppress feelings of hunger, as thirst is sometimes mistaken for hunger. Are you attempting a water fast? Even cucumber-lemon flavored water would maintain your fasted state.

Can you drink lemon honey water while fasting?

If you prefer a sweeter taste, the added sugar (or honey) could potentially disrupt your fasting. On the other hand, if you like a more tangy flavor, the sugar content in your lemon water might be low enough to maintain your body’s fasting state.

Does green tea with lemon break a fast?

Tea, without the addition of sugar, honey, or milk, will not break your fast. Green tea, in particular, contains more polyphenols than most other teas and may even enhance your body’s autophagy processes. Therefore, drinking green tea during an autophagy fast is acceptable.

Can I have honey lemon water during intermittent fasting?

It is not recommended to consume honey lemon water during intermittent fasting, especially within your fasting window. Honey contains calories that can disrupt the fast.

Does lemon water burn fat?

Lemon water offers several benefits such as promoting fullness, supporting hydration, boosting metabolism, and potentially aiding weight loss. However, it is important to note that lemon water does not have any significant advantages over regular water in terms of fat loss. Nonetheless, it is a delicious and convenient option that can serve as a low-calorie substitute for high-calorie drinks.

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  1. I just googled for a bit, and although it’s unlikely that it’d give you a sugar spike, it doesn’t say it won’t with a guarantee— depending on how much of the lemon juice in the water, I guess.

    If you want to be 100% sure, I would try tea instead. Or, even diluted black coffee can do.

    If you don’t want to sweat on these kind of small stuff (like a couple drops of lemon juice in water), I’d say just enjoy it.

    Lastly though, you can actually test it yourself by getting a glucose monitor. Test it on empty stomach, drink the water w/ lemon, and test again after 30 mins or so.

  2. I honestly don’t know the answer but I’ve started using true lemon packet in my water instead of a lemon slice. It’s a bit easier for me to control the amount down to as little as I can for fasting times and it says no calories and no sugar, so it feels a little more predictable/controllable to me.

  3. Google says there’s 2 calories in a lemon wedge. When I was first starting I went by “5 calories or less” during my fasting window. Now, I prefer to stick to 0 calories.

    Mio has 0 calories, sugar, or carbs, all of which would spike your insulin and therefore break a fast. Since Mio has none of those things, could you try that instead? Or something similar?

  4. I’ve been having a lemon wedge and a tablespoon of vinegar per litre of sofa water, plus black coffee while doing OMAD for several months, I’ve been losing about a kilogram a week on average…


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